Quince, Mint & Moss

James I introduced the noble Quince (Pyrus Cydonia) to the British Isles in 1272, and the first Quince Tree was in fact planted in the grounds of the Tower of London. From there it quickly found its way to the most reputable kitchen gardens across the country. Britain grew to love the Quince, and its delicious marmalade, jelly and juice have been produced and perfected for centuries.

King James I of England and VI of Scotland by John De Critz the Elder

The mouth-watering ‘Quince Mint & Moss’ celebrates the revival of this vibrant fruit. Harvested in late October, our Quince hails from the depths of Somerset. Underlined with a hint of Garden Mint to allow the full bouquet of this joyful yet delicate fruit to truly unfold, it’s a fragrance to wear and enjoy on warm summer days!